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Party with a Theme

Peter Pan & Tinkerbell! Groovy Man! 70's outfits

If you're looking for something a bit different then why not have a Corporate Event or a Party with a Fancy Dress theme. Absolutely Fabulous offer over 1000 costumes - all in excellent condition. 

So make sure you call Absolutely Fabulous and make it an extra special event.

Suggestions for Your Party Night

60's & 70's – Probably the most popular party event with everything from hippies, disco, Glam. rock, pop stars, etc. Have immense fun in ridiculous wigs and outrageous platform boots!

Teddy Boys – Rock 'n Roll and 50's nights.

Medieval – a range of lovely costumes from Ladies, Queens, and Wenches, to Lords, Knights, Monks and Jesters – something for everyone to enjoy.

Hollywood Nights - Film ,TV & Cartoon Characters What a choice! Everything from Star Wars to Titanic, Lord of the Rings to Zena, Warrior Princess - or perhaps something simpler such as BBC 'Watch with Mother's' Andy Pandy.

Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes, & Pantomime – Perhaps you'll find your Prince (or Princess?) Charming at one of these delightful themed evenings.

Gangsters & Molls/The Roaring 20's – Watch out – these are dangerous and daring times.

1940's – Relive the wartime spirit with a good old sing-along or celebrate such events as D-Day or the Battle of Britain.

School Days (Daze!?) – Girls & Boys come out to play!

Bad Taste – Whatever you can think of – the worse the better.

Murder/Mystery – Make up your own Agatha Christie or P.D. James style mystery party.

Wild West – Cowboys, Indians, and the Gold Rush – plus, of course, the lovely Saloon girls, Gamblers and Hustlers – or the Cow to be roped and branded!

Going Underground – Dress up as your favourite 'underground' station, i.e. Kings Cross, Parsons Green, Shepherds Bush(!), the Angel, etc. This theme gives lots of people the chance to be very inventive and creative! You may need to send out a copy of the Underground map with your invitations!

Alphabet Parties – Have a 'P' Party – so that Princesses, Pirates, Pantomime characters, and the Pink Panther all attend!

Colours – Black & White could include Nuns and Pierot the Clown.

International – Choose a country – American, English, Scottish, French, Spanish or whichever country produces your favourite food!

Stag & Hen nights, Hallowe'en, Horror, and Christmas themes

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